TEDxBelfastWomen 2013 is brought to you by these dynamic ladies. We all come from different backgrounds and work in different industries. We are all TED fans and we are all committed to helping make a difference in our community.


Kathleen Holmlund

A digital media specialist and creative thinker, I am a bit of a world vagabond and traveler. I have always been passionate about connecting people with new ideas and concepts from all around the world. I feel that I am always striving to better myself and others around me through my words and actions so when I first came across TED back in 2007, I became a fan straight away. When I heard that TEDxBelfastWomen was on the cards, I wanted to become involved straight away.

Eve Earley

The American expat granddaughter of a reluctant emigrant, she is passionate about job creation on the island of Ireland. “We must export our intellectual property, not our children. Certainly not the first generation reared in peace”. Eve founded Empowering Change, a professional consultancy, in 2008.  Her approach is threefold: 1. Market the region externally to support investment & create jobs. 2. Market the region internally, witnessing pride of place. 3. Catalyse the personal & communal change to support the entrepreneurs who are taking a chance on themselves.  More recently, Eve has helped create Neo Ireland Ltd, a social enterprise founded in 2012, to address the systemic and cultural changes a post-conflict society requires to create sustain change in difficult times. The mission is to drive a prosperity process by empowering people in creating their own employment and in “turning ideas into livelihoods”.

Danielle McFerran

As a Creative Director, it is natural for me to be enthused by all things innovative, thought-provoking and challenging, both in design and within human experience. I love sharing design ideas and even more so, human development concepts that transcend the restrictions of our current social construct. TED, for me, represents the coming-together of curious minds, excited by technological innovation, who want to share these ideas and encourage the evolution of our personal and collective life experience. I am hugely excited to be involved with the TedxBelfastWomen event, which I am sure will be riveting, challenging and inspiring – make sure you’re there!

Marcella McCann

TEDx gives people with inspiring ideas the platform to share these with others. The reason I wanted to be involved in helping to organise TEXxBelfastWomen is to promote the ideas, talent and stories of the many brilliant women I see and hear about every day , to give an insight into what drives them to achieve so much and to encourage thought and debate among those who listen.

Catherine McGinnis

I work in communications, have a background in project management and am an avid TED fan. I first discovered TED whilst studying for my Masters in Business Studies; it was recommended by a lecturer and it became an indispensable tool for learning – then and now. When I heard about the TEDxBelfastWomen event, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. TED is a fantastic concept and I love how accessible it is. I am passionate about Belfast and excited about the progress that Northern Ireland is making – I am excited about the opportunity to showcase local stories and to inspire others!

Jo-Anne McVeigh

I work in continuous improvement and I have a passion for developing creativity and fostering confidence in others – through coaching and mentoring. It is a privilege and an honour for me to be part of the team behind TEDX Women Belfast. I was excited to see the innovative spirit of the TED conference, uniting with the resilience and creativity of Belfast as a city more concerned with its future than its past , caught at exactly the right time, in the full momentum of its transformation. The conference will show now, more than ever, Belfast as a place of opportunity and world-class thinking.

Kristen Nielsen

Professionally, I’m a researcher and spend my time here in Belfast working on my PhD in Sociology at Queen’s. I am specifically focused on women and their interaction with their greater societies. Naturally, you can imagine the idea of a dedicated TED conference to women was exciting to me. When I heard there was a dedicated Belfast conference? Well, I simply had to be a part. Personally, I’m a transplanted Philadelphian who loves Northern Ireland deeply but still misses Diet Dr. Pepper, baseball and proper Mexican food.